Central Level Training and Field Practice Completed

The BAIS V recently completed training of staff in preparation for the re-launch of the survey on February 26. The survey was originally scheduled to begin in 2020, but was paused due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The training, entitled Central Level Training (CLT) for Field Implementation, began in January. This intensive core staff training covered topics that include step-by-step procedures in administering the HIV survey, ethics and regulation, data capture and transmission, a review of different HIV/AIDS dynamics, engaging and mobilizing communities, and detailed methods for maintaining COVID-19 safety.

The CLT recently concluded with a four-day field practice event in three regions of Botswana, where staff acquired hands-on experience using the methods acquired in the classroom. The field practice also gave the survey managers the opportunity to test the teams’ skill level and fine-tune and make all necessary adjustments before the teams begin surveying participants house-to-house across Botswana beginning on March 2021.

“The teams did a fantastic job during training and demonstrated exceptional professionalism. We are excited to begin the survey, and assess Botswana’s progress in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.”
—Dr. Reson Marima, BAIS V Project Director

While the teams will not enter the field until March 1, an official launch will be held on February 26.  The launch will include speakers from the Government of Botswana, the CDC, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  For more details about this event, see our Facebook page.


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