Community Mobilization and Data Collection commences Nationwide for 2021 BAIS V

March, 18th, 2021 – BAIS V is now fully underway, and survey teams are visiting households to collect health information, take blood samples, and offer HIV counseling and testing to participants aged six weeks to 64 years old. Each member of the survey team is well trained on social distancing and safety protocols and will follow local public health guidelines and wear a face mask when conducting visits.

What you can expect

The Initial Meetings

Before sampling occurs, the BAIS V community mobilization teams will visit each town or village approximately two to three weeks before data collection; they will partner with local community health workers to be introduced to chiefs, village headmen, local government officials, and religious and community leaders. The teams will work with these local representatives in organizing community meetings, disseminating written informational materials such as brochures and posters, and hold discussions with selected households and other community residents.

Questionnaire Data Collection

Once the formal introductions have taken place, the next step will be the self-introduction of the field survey team to the households, followed by explaining the survey’s purpose and components. The survey team lead will then seek informed consent to participate in the survey. Once household consent is obtained, the household questionnaire will be administered to the head of household or a representative.

Blood sampling

After data collection, for consenting participants 6 weeks and above who tested HIV positive, blood samples will be collected by the medical laboratory scientists for further analysis at the laboratory.

How to Identify Survey Officers

BAIS V staff can be easily identified by a valid BAIS V photo identification badge.  They will also be wearing a blue shirt displaying the BAIS V logo, a PPE mask, and will be carrying a backpack with the BAIS V logo on it.

The BAIS V team looks forward to meeting everyone and expresses their thanks in advance for their collective support in helping to end HIV/AIDS. We can only achieve success on this national survey with your assistance.


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