The Fifth Botswana HIV/AIDS Impact Survey (BAIS V) is an initiative to measure the reach and impact of HIV programs in the country.

It is a household-based survey covering randomly selected households countrywide. Information collected by BAIS V team will help the government, its partners, and the public know how many people are currently infected with HIV (HIV prevalence), how many people have new infections (HIV incidence), and how many people with HIV are on effective treatment (HIV viral load suppression).

This information will help the government and its partners to target programs and resources to the people most in need of services.

If you are selected to participate in the survey, you can learn about your own health in your home or wherever you choose to complete the survey.

The Government of Botswana (GOB) is leading the BAIS V in collaboration with other partners. The survey is supported by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) with technical support from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW), National AIDS and Health Promotion Agency (NAHPA), Statistics Botswana, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).

The survey will involve about 14,000 randomly selected households throughout the country. This means that all households in Botswana have an equal chance to be randomly selected to be part of the survey. Overall,approximately 29,000 people will be part of the survey.

The people conducting the survey will have an identification card to show they are from GOB. They have been trained by GOB to collect information for the survey and to keep the information they collect confidential.

Only households that are selected can be part of the survey. If your household is selected, only persons who are aged 6 weeks to 64 years in the household can take part in the survey.

You will be required to give your permission to take part if you are older than 9 years. If you are between ages 10-17 years in the selected household, your parent/guardian must give permission for you to take part in the survey and, you too, must also agree to take part in the survey.

The information you give, including the results of your HIV test, is private and confidential.

The information will be used for the survey purposes only and will not be used for anything else. Your information will not be shared with other people in your community or with other people conducting the survey. Your name will not be included in the results of the study. Knowing your HIV status is important. This survey will help inform and improve health services for your community and all people in Botswana.

When you are interviewed and tested for HIV, you will also be given information about HIV prevention, care and treatment. If you are diagnosed as HIV positive, you will also have your viral load and your CD4 count tested. You will be given information about treatment and care and a referral form to choose a health facility to attend, if you are not already doing so.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary. But being part of the survey will help you, your family, and Botswana. If you and your family take part in the survey, each family member will learn about his or her HIV status. You and your family will also be given information about prevention, care, and treatment of HIV. By being part of the survey, you can share your experience of the health system. This information will help to improve HIV and health services for all people in Botswana.