To assess the prevalence and incidence of HIV infection in the Botswana population, examine the distribution of HIV disease in Botswana, assess the coverage and impact of HIV services at the population level, characterize HIV-related risk behaviors using a nationally-representative sample of adults aged 15-64 years, and characterize national HIV prevalence among children aged 6 weeks to 14 years.

BAIS V Primary Objective

To estimate the following in a household-based, nationally representative sample of adults aged 15- 64 years:

  • National HIV incidence;
  • National and sub-national (district) prevalence of HIV viral load (VL) suppression (VLS – defined as HIV ribonucleic acid (RNA) <1000 copies/milliliter (mL)) among HIV-infected individuals. We will also examine VLS <400 copies/mL among HIV-infected individuals as per the Botswana national antiretroviral therapy (ART) guidelines.