Mapping & Listing

Mapping and listing is a joint effort conducted by Statistics Botswana, the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and ICF. A mapping and listing manual and a CSPro/CAPI application were developed to facilitate household listing on tablets and a total of 387 enumeration areas were sampled.

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Active Linkage to Care

For BAIS V, facilitated active linkage to care will involve the use of a third party to facilitate contact between the participant and their healthcare facility of choice in order to initiate treatment for participants who are identified as HIV positive.

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Field Implementation

All the work that will take place in the field will start with the implementation, where the BAIS V team will devise plans to make the survey a smooth operation.

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All the blood samples will be taken to our laboratories for testing, which includes satellite labs and the central lab in Gaborone.

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Community Mobilization

The community mobilization teams will focus on delivering messages of the survey.

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Data Management

Data will be collected with the assistance of Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) from selected households, and it will be sent to the central servers.

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